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Inspired by the most wonderful Amelia’s Notebook series I adored growing up, I wanted to try a little journaling experiment of my own this year.  One journal entry a week, super casual, all in pencil and marker.  I know these are personal and don’t have a mass appeal, but some nice instagram pals thought I should post them.  (And besides, it will be cool to have a record of the year all in doodles.)  So, anyway, here you go: the first 3 weeks of 2014.

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  3. eleanorrvance said: The urge to hug jesse will never go away. It will only increase.
  4. littlemessythings said: i love this so much! :) hope you’re staying warm now, it’s polar vortexin’ in ontario, so i bet chicago is cold too! xo
  5. serigraphic said: !!! please keep posting these :D
  6. ashalee said: I love this. And Amelia is the best.
  7. shutyourbeautifulpiehole said: oh goodness i LOVED the Amelia’s Notebook series. I’m excited to see more of your project!
  8. plasticchopsticks said: Amelia’s Notebook was one of my favorite things about getting the American Girl magazine. That and the paper dolls in the back.
  9. beyondwit said: this is super adorable i hope you keep doing it!
  10. poehlerization said: this is too cute!!!!
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