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My name is Tyler and I'm a comedy writer, freelance illustrator, Tina Fey enthusiast, and general hot mess living and working in the windy city.

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Stream-of-conscious nighttime doodling.

Stream-of-conscious nighttime doodling.

Remember when this happened back when I had my pixie cut?  Lovin’ life.

Remember when this happened back when I had my pixie cut?  Lovin’ life.

Hello friends!  Hope you’re enjoying the endless stream of NFL drawings I have on queue (sarcasm font).  A couple of things:

1. I am now in possession of a Wacom tablet!!  (Thanks, Dad!)  I haven’t opened it yet because I’m real busy getting caught back up in my Second City classes (I missed a bunch of class because of an unpleasant family illness situation that I’m not going to talk about here but it’s been rough and things are looking up finally) but I totally can’t wait to start learning how to use it and posting more art for you that is not football related.

2. An exciting collaboration with another tumblr-y artist I admire is in the works. :)

3. Good GOLLY have I accumulated a whole bunch of misprinted art, due to my love/hate (mostly hate) relationship with my trusty (not at all trusty) HP Deskjet 3520.  Will be celebrating the start of TV season with lots of NBC-related Hot Mess Packs… possibly a giveaway.

4. My Onion teacher followed me on twitter and I’m really excited about it because he founded The Onion and I respect him so much/am way intimidated by him and spend every class trying to keep my heart from beating out of my chest.

And now, back to writing my sketch about serial killers talking about how “bad” they’re being eating Ben & Jerry’s and my monologue about Meat Apathetic Pizza (has some meat on it, whatever, I don’t care) and revising my sketch about a guy who brings his imaginary friend on a first date and figuring out what a “non-scenic” sketch is.

Day 1 of The Onion writing class: holy crap I am intimidated.  This is like the Devil Wears Prada of comedy writing classes.  But the one joke I read to the class got some laughs!  I predict that this session is the session where my head finally explodes.

I got into Writing 5!

So this week has been pretty hard for me because today it’s been exactly 4 years since my mom died.  We were really close and I think about her all the time.  I don’t usually talk about personal things (except lamenting my lack of mozzarella sticks) on this blog, but I thought that I would share this graphic essay I made about her for a creative nonfiction class in college.  Beware, it’s kind of weepy.

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